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YACHTING24 Personal accident insurance for yachts

  • The insurance relates to instances of death and disablement following accidents caused by the steering and use of the vessel described in the policy - irrespective of blame.
  • Cover applies in respect of instances of death and disablement with the following sums insured: 
Maximum sums insured for any one boat: Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3
Sum insured in the event of accidental death: € 100.000 € 200.000 € 300.000
Sum insured in the event of disablement: € 200.000 € 400.000 € 600.000
  • The sums insured are split equally between the passengers in the event of a loss occurrence. The maximum sum insured for any one person is €50.000 in the event of death and €100.000 in the event of disablement. Maximum sums insured for any one boat are €300.000 (death) and €600.000 (disablement).
  • It covers the owner, skipper, crew and guests.
  • A fixed sum insured is agreed which is split equally between the eligible passengers in the event of a loss occurrence.
  • YACHTING24 personal accident insurance for yachts not only covers you in the event of accidents on board, it also applies to accidents which happen e.g. when berthing and casting off, using the tender, rigging and de-rigging or during annual winter storage work.

 For further information, please see the explanations marked with a question mark in the proposal area, together with the YACHTING24 Personal accident conditions of insurance.



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